The Darke County Fish and Game Association (DCFG) has a long and dedicated history of conservation and safety in our area.   A group of county sportsmen began our club in 1916 as the Darke County Fish and Game Protective Association. The original mission statement is provided and remains true to the origins of the club:

        To promote good sportsmanship, protect property, encourage conservation and the propagation of fish and game, to encourage and promote sports and competition with rod and gun, to encourage and direct in our youth a spirit of sportsmanship, the proper handling of equipment and a respect for game laws.

        In 1927 the name was changed to the present day Darke County Fish and Game Association.  The club met on the west edge of Greenville until 1979.  At this time, our present location was leased and then purchased.  We now have 93 acres of woodland and prairie located south of New Madison, Ohio. 

        Our facilities include Sportshaven (our club house), two stocked lakes, primitive camping area, hiking trails, horseback riding, field dog training area, an archery range, and shooting range with covered firing line.

        We are a non-profit organization staffed by club members.  As such, we sponsor many youth and conservation groups in the county.  Some of the groups utilizing our grounds and facilities are; Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts, 4-H clubs, church youth groups, school environmental science classes, and various rescue training organizations.  This list is not all-inclusive as we continue to grow and support the community.

        Also offered are various safety and training classes.  We currently have Hunter Safety classes, Gateway to Fishing, firearms safety, and basic archery.  

        We are a family oriented club with emphasis of passing on a love of the outdoors to future generations.  Come out, join, and enjoy.  We are located at 1407 New Garden Road just south of New Madison, Ohio.  Follow State Route 121 south out of New Madison to New Garden Road, follow the sign, and enjoy the great outdoors.
  *90+ Acres with Hiking trails     *Two Stocked Fishing Lakes     *Swimming
       *Primitive Camping     *Horseback riding (except during hunting season)  
  *Trap/Skeet Shooting    *Pistol/Rifle Range     *Mushroom Hunting    
            *Hunting (Squirrel, Deer,Rabbit season)

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